Audio-Video Logic’s Experienced Staff

Mike Wyckoff – Owner with 25 years experience.
With Audio Video Logic since September 94.
Mike Wyckoff, Audio Video Logic“At about the age of 10 I discovered my parents vinyl collection. I spent hours listening to every piece at least once. My love of music only grew as I got older. When I left college it only made sense to go sell Hi-Fi. I started at a small electronics chain, then moved to a big electronics chain. I soon discovered that I did not enjoy this much. In 1994 I came on board with Audio Video Logic. Here I found passion for the music again. When I’m not stuck in front of the stereo or TV, I spend time with my family. I enjoy camping, golfing, hiking, climbing, kayaking, and fly-fishing.”

Kyle Brown – owner with 23 years experience.
With Audio Video Logic since September 94.
Kyle Brown, Audio Video Logic“Ever since about age 12 I fell in love with music. I wanted to be a DJ when I “grew up”, I even tried to build my own low power radio station. I would sit and turn vinyl on my parents old console style am/fm turntable system for hours and hours. As I aged my passion for the music never changed, but the quality of the gear did as I could afford it. It was when I met John when I started buying gear for the quality of the sound rather than the name of the product, he even came out and tweaked my system because I asked him to. I also came on board in 1994 and have gone to hundreds of customers houses to prewire, install and setup many great systems. When not at work I like to golf, hike, bike, kayak, fly-fish and to spend time with my dog Zelig.”

Nathan Fink – Sales with 14 years experience.
With Audio Video Logic since February 2007.
Nathan Fink, Audio Video Logic“Shortly after graduating high school a friend introduced me to my first properly set up two channel stereo. I could not believe what I was missing in the past. I borrowed $1500.00 from my home town banker and bought my first stereo, and have been addicted ever since. Shortly there after, I began working in audio and theater installations for two other businesses, but was never satisfied working with the “Mid-Fi” they were selling. Working for Audio Video Logic has been a great step forward for my career, and my passion for high performance audio.”