Our Advantages

Established reputable business since June 6th, 1991:
Whether you are a local walk in customer or out of state internet customer, looking for new or used premium audio or video equipment, Audio Video Logic is a smart and safe place to purchase. We are an authorized dealer for all the brands listed which means your factory warranty stays in tact when you purchase from us.

Professional audio calibration:
Audio calibration is done in your home. This is done by taking measurements with professional test equipment as a reference point and then coupling any changes with careful listening. We can calibrate for level matching between all channels and subwoofer, and properly EQ your system if your system has EQ capability. We can show you a response curve of your room and speakers before and after calibration.

Competitive pricing:
We offer competitive prices compared with the big chain stores and beat them on advice and service. Customers report to us that our signed prices are often less on the same items than the big box stores.

Factory authorized to sell premier brands:
We have a national reputation for exceptional audio and video products. We are an authorized dealer for all brands listed which means your factory warranty stays in tact when you purchase from us. Many businesses, especially over the internet, are not authorized to sell the new products they advertise and the factory warranty may therefore be void. It is a very good idea to check with the manufacturer for a dealers status before you purchase. Click here for a brand list.

Our delivery saves time and frustration:
Instead of giving you a delivery window of 4 hours like the big box stores and wasting an entire morning or afternoon of your time, we can offer you a delivery appointment set a specific time to deliver your equipment. Delivery is often available the same day.

Professional system set up:
We can set up the system you bought from us right the first time. We can also show you how to use it in person and save you hours of frustration reading owners manuals. We can program remote controls simplifying your system so that any one in your family can easily operate it.

Custom installation and system design:
Whether it’s planning a new construction pre-wire or wiring an existing room, we can do installations as simple as running wire to your rear channel speakers, or more complex multi-zone systems. We can help position video, audio, cabling and AC all in advance solving problems ahead of time. Bring in your blue prints!

We take selected audio trade-ins, regardless of where you purchased the item.

Local in-home trial:
Available on audio display models. Ask for details before you buy.

Payment methods:
MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards, cashier’s checks, money orders, wire transfers, cash, and personal checks.  Sorry, no personal checks on mail order purchases