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Dragonfly Film Screens
Dragonfly Film Screens

Matte White Fixed Film Screen with Black Velvet Frame (16:9 Aspect Ratio)
When you are building a dedicated home theater and want to provide the best picture available, Dragonfly Matte White film screens should be at the top of your list. From the quick to assemble frame that is beautifully coated to eliminate overspray to the high quality Matte White screen material, you will have installed a screen that is great looking and ensures a beautiful image.

Matte White Screen Material
Dragonfly screens with Matte White screen material are the ideal solution when building a dedicated home theater with controlled lighting. Why? Because with a 1.2 gain it does not hot-spot or color shift meaning it will not add nor detract from the image in any way and can be used for accurate imaging.

Rigid Aluminum Frame

Wrapped with VelTX™ covering which absorbs any overspray, the screen’s frame is not only quick and easy to assemble, it also looks good too. Together with the inside beveled edge, the frame is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Quick to Assemble and Install

Your valuable time should be spent in the overall design and build of the theater room and delays from product assembly should be kept to a minimum. Dragonfly screens have been designed with SnaPerfect™ technology to provide quicker installations and a tight, wrinkle free surface.