Revel Salon 2



Revel Salon 2Revel Salon 2

The Revel Salon 2 is strikingly designed and crafted to exceed the demands of the most challenging installations and tastes, Salon2, and the less imposing Studio2, radiate an elegance and authority that can only be matched by their reference-standard sound quality. Imbued with the Revel philosophy that there is no separation between art and accuracy, the new Salon2 and Studio2 do not editorialize sound reproduction; rather, they celebrate the full expression and soul of the actual musical event. Ultima Salon2 or Studio2, Revel’s reinterpretation of the classic floorstander is a tour-de-force of craftsmanship and features the full panoply of Revel’s cutting edge technological innovations and enhancements. Among them are the entirely new family of transducers designed by the Revel Engineering team exclusively for the Ultima2 Series. Utilizing state of-theart Computer Aided Design software (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), the Salon2 and Studio2 woofer and midrange drive units feature dual neodymium magnet motor systems
with sophisticated distortion-reduction mechanisms, titanium diaphragms and oversized voice coils wound with ribbon wire. The new 1-inch dome tweeter is fashioned of pure beryllium and integrates third-generation waveguide technology for improved dispersion. Its advanced magnetic assembly incorporates a copper cap for lowering distortion, while the large-vent pole piece and self-enclosed chamber drives the mechanical resonance well below the crossover frequency. Additionally, an enhanced damping system eliminates secondary internal resonances commonly found in vented tweeters. The Revel Salon 2 bests even its predecessor with enhanced output capability and lower dynamic compression. Download complete brochure.

$10,999 ea