NHT Outdoor Two


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NHT Outdoor 2

The O2-ARC is a unique, high-performance outdoor loudspeaker like no other. Sold as singles, the O2-ARC is not only weather (UV) and moisture resistant, it is specifically tuned to sound just right out there, in nature where there are no walls except the one the speaker is nailed to. The new O2-ARC includes a mounting bracket.

The O2-ARC outdoor include a time tested 1” treated silk dome, fluid cooled tweeter – UV treated that is working together with a robust 6.5” midrange-woofer mounted in the traditional NHT sealed box system. The O2-ARC box is a big deal and features our newest materials technology – Anti-Resonant Casting or ARC. The ARC enclosure provides unprecedented strength and several lifetimes of durability while it acoustically kills the vibrations of the box itself to inaudible levels. The O2-ARC is also serviceable and features a sexy new flush grill that sticks flush to the front of the speaker by a whole family of magnets that thumb their nose at the elements. Even though the O2-ARC comes standard with 25 years of acoustic know-how, they don’t come at a cost that makes steaks a guilty pleasure. The O2-ARC is available in matte white or black finish and includes the mounting bracket as well.

$249 ea Free UPS ground to the lower 48.