Butcher Block Acoustics


Most, if not all, high-end audio components emit a signal that causes unwanted vibration. Hardwood platforms absorb and dissipate that energy.

Butcher Block Acoustics Hardwood Audio Platforms can be used under a wide range of audio equipment: Turntables, amplifiers, audio receivers, CD players, DAC’s, pre-amps, headphone amps, phono stages, power supplies, SACD players, speakers, subwoofers, and floor standing speakers.

Butcher Block AcousticsRigidrack

Functional – Durable – Beautiful
Featuring rigidrack® Signature Tapered Legs
Butcher Block Edge-Grain Shelves – 1½” Thick
24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48” & 60” Shelf Widths
18″ and 20″ Shelf Depths
Space Between Shelves: Top to Middle: 8″; Middle to Bottom: 10″
Add 3″ to Shelf Width for Overall (L-R) Dimension
Open Air Design
Attached Shelf Brackets Securely Support Each Shelf
Load Capacity: 500 Pounds Per Shelf
Includes Choice of SnapLock™ Level-It™ Feet w/ Neoprene Pad or 1½” Tall Gold Spikes
Overall Height With SnapLock™ Level-It™ Feet: 25″ – With Spikes: 26″
Finish: Durakryl 102™
Shipped KD – Assembly Hardware Included
Made in the USA

3 or 4 shelves, custom sizes also available.  Available in Maple, Walnut, or combinations.  Also available in Midnight (satin black).

Starting at $992