Episode Rock Speaker



rockEpisode Rock Speaker

The Episode ES-ROCK-DVC  outdoor speaker features a Polypropylene cone, Nomex Spider, high temperature cone and dual 1″ Titanium dome tweeters. The rugged build and weather-proof materials make this Rock speaker line an ideal solution for many outdoor applications.

All-Weather – Use it anywhere

Designed and built with materials to withstand the harsh environments, these all weather Rock speakers are perfect for any outdoor application you may have.

Stereo sound from single speaker.

Perfect for spaces that best accommodate a single Rock speaker or for even sound distribution of both channels using several Rock speakers. Each Rock can also be wired as a single mono channel for traditional stereo applications using two speakers.

Rock shell.

The enclosure is build of an unsaturated polyester resin, fiberglass and talc powder compound to blend in with your outdoor environment for a discreet and greyrockrealistic-looking rock.

 Outstanding Audio Quality

These All-Weather speakers feature  Polypropylene cones, Nomex Spider, high temperature cone and dual 1″ Titanium dome tweeters. Optimized for outstanding audio performance.

Weather resistant components.

UV treated cabinet, stainless steel hardware, aluminum grill, and temperature and weather proofed spider and glues. Woofer cone and surround is sewn together for stability and longevity.

Available in Grey or Sandstone.

$664ea with 8″ woofer

$404 ea with 6″ woofer